• We try our best to compete with our competitors pricing, but sometimes we may not be able to match them.  Our main motivator is not the hard sale and disappear afterwards.  Our goal is to work on a long-term relationship with the customer and provide them with a positive buying experience.  
  • For a nominal fee, we offer home delivery for your new Fat Bike, right to your office or home in the GTA.  We even send pictures of your new bike before we deliver it!


  • We offer a customized sizing fitment for all new Fat Bike orders. ($149 service)
  • We custom build all our Fat bikes from the ground up so EVERY PART added to the bike is configured to help bring the perfect geometry to the rider, at their designated budget.  (If we can't build a bike up front at the customer's budget, we will say so and have to turn down the sale.  We will not compromise on the quality of the components going into our custom builds.
  • Our bikes do not come shipped to us in one big box, with a pile of "default" sized pieces to install.  Our parts will arrive from Canada, the UK, USA and Asia.  All custom artwork and painting will be done locally in Ancaster ON.
  • We provide 10-20% off most accessory products purchased with a new Fat Bike...including gearing upgrades, Winter tires, pedals, protective gear/clothes...etc.
  • We may be undersold.  Our goal isn't to be the low-baller out there focused on shipping a box of random parts to collect a quick profit.  Our goal is to provide you the best fitting, best performing Fat bike for your budget.
  • We have great working relationships with the manufacturers we partner with.  Having brand independence, while partnering direct accounts with the component, tire and suspension manufacturers provides us amazing access to new parts and testing opportunities... excellent pricing... and a calm, cool and laid back working atmosphere.....where we can concentrate on our favourite thing... INNOVATIONS for the sport !!
  • For 2017, with our background in Aerospace Engineering, we are working with several fabrication companies and research universities in developing prototype products in the cycling field.  Those products should lead to initial product launches by year's end. delivery vehicle using the beautiful custom bike rack by 1UP USA. delivery vehicle using the beautiful custom bike rack by 1UP USA.

  2016 Paris to Ancaster race - enjoying the MUD section !!!

2016 Paris to Ancaster race - enjoying the MUD section !!!

Does offer "Bargain" Fat Bikes?

The answer is "No".  We do not offer Fat bikes to just get you through one year, or even just the winter.  We do not have complete Fat bikes for under $2500CDN.  This is not our target market, and we purposely stay away from it.  Why?  Because we do not want to deal with inferior components, high failure rates of parts or frames, higher than normal levels of warranty service, or disappointed customers.  

Most customers that end up buying a Fat bike at a "bargain" price, end up dissatisfied with their purchase very quickly, because they focused on price and colour schemes, rather than component build and overall frame quality and fitment.


Does offer high-end Fat bikes?

The answer is "Yes".  This is what we specialize in : Fat bikes that will fit you properly, and weigh in at 29 lbs or less fully configured and with front suspension.  (Some as low as 24 lbs).  Our Fat bikes are designed to provide years of enjoyment in all weather conditions and on the majority of trail systems in Southern Ontario.

Note : We do not custom build bikes for MSA or BC-specific riding conditions, because that is not our specialty.  We do not carry the heavier aluminum frames and forks for those very aggressive AM/DH/Enduro environments. 

All the Fat bikes we sell will be built capable of hitting GPS verified 45kph in sprints, if the rider has the legs to push them up to that speed.  Sometimes we will give live demonstrations of this during our demo events throughout the year, so check out our Events Calendar.  (We encourage you to ask our competition to do the same with their Fat bikes ; ) !!